Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A New Year!

Another year gone by.....another new year begins......

So many thoughts and dreams......some fulfilled and many still to go.....

Am suddenly thinking about why we give so much importance to what is essentially just another day.....why can't every day treated as a Happy New Day? I mean, good things happen to all of us everyday, maybe more for some and less for others but they do happen..... Why can't we celebrate each day for what it is? Is there really a need for venerating this particular day so much? There are so many things in life that make us happy, aren't there?

I agree, from time to time, we need to stop, take a stock of what we are doing, where we are in life and where we want to be....a time for quiet introspection, some "me" time and some time to re-acquaint yourself with the people you love and acknowledge what they mean to you. But does it have to be done at the turn of the year?

Reading what I have just typed above, it makes me realize I am sounding like a cynic who does not subscribe to the idea of a fun-filled, gregarious New Year celebration but honestly, its not that. I am definitely on for a evening with lots of dancing with friends, good food and generally good times......but somehow, the whole commercialization of the "New Year" saga leaves me gagging..... Questions like "So, where are you booked for New Years?", "Which 5-star are you going to?", "Do you know I got couple passes for so and so place for Rs. 10,000?" Rs. 10,000, I ask you? Is it really worth spending that much on a night of revelry when you might have very well done the same things at a small gathering with a few friends and family, the people you really care about? I think we should really get down to grass roots and ask ourselves what really makes us happy.....am sure most of us would agree that its not necessary to spend so much money and generate so much hype to have real fun..

After that whole diatribe, let me get down to what I intended to write this post for - "Wish you and all your near and dear ones a very Happy and Prosperous 2008!!! May this year be all that you hope for and may a lot of your dreams come true this year!"